It is hard to know what you need to pack before you leave to go on your travels! There are so many different travel accessories you can bring with you! We have compiled a list of the ‘Must-Have Travel Accessories,’ to make sure you leave home prepared and ready to take on the world!


Being organised makes such a difference to your travels. You will not need to worry about losing things and packing will become a breeze! Try these cool travel accessories out and stay organised!

Packing Cubes

Keep your suitcase in order by using packing cubes! There will be no need to search through your bag for lost undies again, they’ll be stored away in your cube! They’re also great for keeping your dirty clothes separated until you have a chance to get them washed.

Passport Wallet

Passports and travel documents are so important to keep safe. Instead of throwing it all into your carry on bag where they can get lost and damage, keep them all together in a passport wallet.


In a world full of technology, it is inevitable that you are going to have devices that need charging when you travel. It may be a phone, laptop, camera or kindle. There is nothing worse than when you leave home and end up not having the capability to charge everything you have bought with you! Bring the following items along to make sure this doesn’t happen to you

Travel Adapter

When you are traveling to a new country, more often than not, the power points will be different. Invest in a universal travel adapter to make sure you are prepared! It is a good idea to get on that has a socket point and also has USB connections. That way you can charge your computer, laptop and GoPro all at the same time!

Universal Power Strip

Even better to have if you are traveling with friends or have multiple items that need to be charged, get yourself a universal power strip. If you are stuck in a dorm with only one point to charge and several people who need it, you’ll be able to share this and keep everybody happy!

Portable Power Bank

When you have long journeys to take and see yourself stuck on a bus for hours at a time, Portable power banks can be a life saver! There is nothing worse than when you get to your destination, need to use your google maps and you come to find your phone is out of battery. Keep this close and you will never find yourself stuck again!

Spare Charging Cord

We all know the struggle with phone charging cords and their known ability to constantly break. I never leave home without bringing at least one spare charging cord with me.


Being comfortable as you travel is so important. Check out these cool travel accessories to make sure you leave home and have the most comfortable trip possible.

 Noise Cancelling Headphones

There is nothing worse than being stuck on a bus or a plane listening to loud people conversating or loud traffic noises. Drown out these sounds by grabbing yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Listen to some binaural beats as you drift off to the land of nod, or keep focused on a movie with no interruption from the outside world. They can range in price from the more expensive Bose to the less expensive Dubs. Choose one within your budget and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Travel Pillow

No plane or train journey is going to be comfortable unless you have a travel pillow with you! Let your head rest in comfort with a high-quality travel pillow! There are so many available options out there but here are the three best ones we have found.

TRTL Travel Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Microfiber Towel

Bringing a microfiber towel with you on your travels is a great idea! They do not take up much room, are quick drying and will save you 1000 times over if you stay somewhere with no towels.


Obviously, you know that you need to bring a bag with you. You will either choose a suitcase or a backpack depending on what sort of traveling you are doing. There are also a couple of other bags to bring with you, however! Check these out!

Dry Bag

If you are an adventurous traveler, you may find yourself getting wet be it from kayaking, SUP, hiking or surfing. You will want to be bringing some things with you a lot of the time, such as cameras, phones, money etc. Make sure all of your valuables stay dry by purchasing a dry bag! You roll them up, they stay dry and if dropped in water, they float! My dry bag has saved my valuables so many times!

Bum Bag

When you are out and about, it is always a good idea to keep your valuables close and out of sight. Many people find their bags will be snatched or tampered with while they travel. Invest in a bum bag and make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Hopefully, you have found some travel accessories to bring with you on your travel. Let us know what else you like to bring when you travel! We love to find out what other people won’t leave home without!

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