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Hey, there future travelers!


Welcome to Plan R Trip! We are here to help you plan the best trip possible! We have been traveling for over 6 years and throughout this time, we believe we have found a great and efficient way to plan a trip. We have had a lot of chances to learn, make mistakes and finally find the perfect way to create a travel plan. There is nothing worse than booking accommodation, arriving and finding out you are miles away from where you thought you would be. Or imagine having your heart set on swimming with Sun Fish in Bali and arriving only to find out you are there in the wrong season.

This is where we come in! We will organize an itinerary for you, make sure that you are headed to the right place at the right time and with the right information. This way you can be guaranteed to have a stress free and enjoyable trip. We will do all of the research, the same way we would if it was our own trip and send you in the right direction.

personalized Itinerary

If you let us know your budget, time frame and preferred type of vacation we will get to work on the research. We will find you the best price we can for flights, give you accommodation options in the best locations, give you an ideal travel route and much more.

The life we live seems somewhat unreal at times, traveling in different countries, immersing ourselves in the local cultures and meeting amazing and inspiring people along the way! We also love to share it with you! Between the two of us, we have had some amazing experiences while traveling! As we have travelled we have learned so many great things. They say travelling is the University of Life and we believe this statement couldn’t be truer. We love to share our experiences and what we have learned over the years so head over to the blog and have a look! You might find some tips and tricks to help you on your journey too.

We hope we can help you on your journey whether it be giving you some inspiration, getting you started on a savings plan or planning a trip for you!

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