Are you ready to open your eyes and see the world?

  You don’t have to settle for a mediocre life you know?! A life half lived full of worry and prejudices. A life where the man in the mirror is your biggest critic and a world that plots your demise. To live in a society that expects you to see this injustice as normality. The problem for many is they feel they have no meaning, or direction, and no purpose. I call bullshit. I suspect you are looking in the wrong places and asking the wrong faces for advice. You need to learn to leave the safety of your comfort zone and experience the bliss of the unknown. The unfamiliar, the less traveled path where strangers and friends meet simultaneously. At places where colors are seen in a new light and sounds that resonate at unknown frequencies. Places so foreign they instantly make you feel at home. Down roads, where the illusion of race fades away along with your worries. Where laws and rules are but words and a moral compose is what guides the hearts and minds of the young and free. This place does not exist. This is a lifestyle choice. This is the beauty of travel. This is true life as it should be. Don’t be submitted, choose life  

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